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Laurence (Larry) M. Nichols

    Over the years some people come into your life that makes you a better person just by knowing them.  So it was with Larry.  I first met him about 1992.  He started me in this business as he did with others.  How to describe Larry?  An animal lover, a music lover, a jokester, a mentor, one of the best sprinkler designers in the country and most importantly a friend.  He was a unique individual that didn't seem to have a mean bone in his body.  He wasn't a Saint, but he wasn't far from it.  He never spoke an unkind word of anyone.  He didn't drink, use any tobacco products, or swear and never passed judgment on those that did.  A very unusual type of individual to have over 35 years in the construction industry.  Always joking and going through life with a positive attitude.  Although very knowledgeable about sprinkler design, he never flaunted it and listened to other points of view before giving his reasons on certain design issues and backing them up with the appropriate NFPA codes.  He was a mentor to many and had the patience that was beyond the norm; just asked some of us that he helped to teach and how many times he answered the same question from the same individual without any hint of frustration.  He just gave the answer and showed where to find it.  A great lover of music, he had a CD collection that would make some record store envious.  He shared this music with us everyday at work.  When he contracted cancer in November of 2003 he faced it in typical Larry style; what will be will be.  He kept the same positive attitude that he had about everything.  He not only talked about his cancer with anyone that wanted to discuss it but joked about it.  His demeanor never changed all the way up to his death in November of 2005.  He is sadly missed and never a week goes by that he isn't brought up in conversation and fondly remembered.


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