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  • When one fire sprinkler head goes off, they all go off. 
  •     This is only true in a deluge type system.  The majority of sprinkler systems utilize sprinkler heads that react to temperature.  This means that the only heads that activate during  fire are the heads that are in the immediate area of a fire.


  • Aren't fire sprinkler systems expensive?
  •     Fire sprinklers are one the least expensive of all the construction trades and usually costs between $1.00 to $3.00 per square foot depending upon the type of building construction and use.  The cost of installing a fire sprinkler system usually results in a savings on your insurance premiums.


  • Why do I have to put sprinklers in my building?
  •     In the state of Ohio, sprinklers are required by the Ohio Building Code for most buildings.  Sprinkler systems may also be required by your insurance company.  The type of sprinkler system that is to be installed depends upon construction type and use of the building.


  • What type of sprinkler system do I need installed?
  •     The Ohio Building Code requires that sprinkler systems be designed and installed in accordance with National Fire Protection Association standards. Your insurance company may require more stringent standards be followed.  It is best to involve your insurance company at the beginning of any construction project.



Wet Systems vs. Dry Systems. 

  • Wet systems require temperatures above 40 degrees to stay operational.

  • Wet systems react quicker and require less maintenance than dry.

  • Dry system piping tends to corrode more quickly than wet system piping.

  • Dry systems are more expensive to maintain but can be installed in cold areas.

  • Dry systems require a greater number of sprinklers be hydraulically calculated which results in a greater pressure and water demand.

CPVC (plastic sprinkler piping)

  • CPVC piping does not rust or corrode.

  • CPVC piping and is not subject to MIC's (micro-biological corrosion).

  • CPVC piping can only be used on wet sprinkler systems in light hazard areas.

  • CPVC piping has better flow characteristics than steel piping and subsequently results in smaller pipe sizes.



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